18-20 March, London, UK

UPDATE: New Date!

2019 MICE Development Days for (West) Africa

Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, London, UK

Brought to you by Ms. Martina Warter, General Manager & Publisher, MICE Media Marketing, France & Mr. Royal Panford, Founder, Street of Gold Foundation (SOG)

  • Ms. Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group, UK
  • Mr. Gebert Janssen, Managing Director, Party & Event Architect, The Netherlands
  • Ms. Barbara Shapiro, Managing Director, Global Travel Resources, USA
  • Mr. Christian Selchau, Managing Partner, Hotei International, Turkey

MICE Media Marketing & Street of Gold Foundation is encouraging You, Our National, Regional and International friends to immerse yourselves in the topic by attending various presentations, discussions, trade show planning and different side events.

The Africa MICE Development Days are designed to help experienced managers refine their management skills, develop their strategy to succeed in the MICE market and come up to date with best practices.

The event enables the participants to take a more critical look at the work in the way it’s been always done, with the aim to improve effectiveness and efficiency by:

  • Improving decision-capacities;
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Increasing awareness of the ethical dimensions of business activities;
  • Deepening the understanding of team building, teamwork, and delegation;
  • Developing global branding & networking opportunities, raising media interactions
  • Identifying partners for sustainable project funding and global expansion through the development of global partnership strategies
  • Creating a global platform to share experiences, achievements
  • Learning to develop an innovative approach in the entrepreneurship to revolutionize one’s global partnerships;
  • Fostering an integrated view of the business in relation to its main markets and to the local and international economy.
  • Partnering with international media and press to drive the African presence in MICE publications and media.


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