MICE Development Days for (West) Africa

Martina Warter
General Manager & Publisher
MICE Media Marketing (France)

MICE Development Days: Harbinger of Positive Reversal of MICE Tourism Fortune in Africa

An epochal event about to land on the earth surface during its December 2018 official launching, the MICE Development Days springs up as a novel brainstorming and interaction platform for suppliers and stakeholders of African MICE Industry .

What this barrier-breaking innovation brings to the table is strategic and holistic revolution,as it sets out to reframe the MICE narratives, discourse and prospects on the African Continent. Its revolutionary element will manifest in its tactful projection of MICE sophistication and growth beyond its traditional scope.

To practically manifest this MICE renaissance, MDD will prioritize its core objectives of promoting and facilitating economic growth and development through pragmatic boosting of entrepreneurial spirit and skills amongst the delegates, against the background of preserving the goal of international market presence.

The inaugural MDD is a professionally tailored event featuring highly proficient keynote speakers, panel discussions and breakout groups. Notably, its roll-call of guests is not only of high profile, it is also intercontinental, cutting across Africa and Europe

Royal Panford
Street of Gold Foundation (SOG)

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